So, here at Neg­a­tive On­line Mar­ket­ing, we spe­cial­ize in, well, neg­a­tive on­line mar­ket­ing. Sur­prise, sur­prise!

Here’s a new tech­nique that we had­n’t used, but we love, fea­tured :

Chica­go-based busi­ness man Hasan Syed paid about $1000 to pro­mote his an­gry tweets to all of British Air­ways fol­low­ers, af­ter he said the air­line lost his father’s lug­gage.

Now this is a great method. The prob­lem with neg­a­tive tweets is, no one will see it. But what if you pay for a “pro­mot­ed tweet”? Then EVERY­ONE will see it!

And guess what? IT WORKED. As the ar­ti­cle says,

Me­dia re­ports say the cam­paign worked and the air­line fi­nal­ly apol­o­gized.

In oth­er words: the air­line was ig­nor­ing him, un­til he went all out. Then they apol­o­gized. Vic­to­ry.

What is the les­son here?

Easy: neg­a­tive on­line mar­ket­ing works. And it works well.