A common question we’re asked is: if you’re going to post negative information — all of which is true, of course! — then, where should you post it?

Short answer: everywhere!

Long answer: there are lots and lots of web pages that let you publish your own content. You can start a blog, or a tumblr. You can get your own domain. You can go onto review sites.

What’s really limiting you is, your own creativity.

Just ask yourself, where do you see content posted online? Why can’t you just post it yourself too, in the same way? Creating a web site isn’t technically hard, you just need to do it! You need to write content and articles that is not only true, but compelling and serious and makes the user realize what is really happening.

A lot of our favorite sources are systems that allow you to post your own information. Which is most “social” media and modern sites. Click around. Look for them. They’re not hard to find. You probably get 4,000 updates from all of them on your Facebook feed, errr, timeline every day!

Indeed, Facebook itself is a great source. People live in Facebook. The person causing problems against you is probably on Facebook, too. What does his profile say? What are his pictures? Who are the people that know him? What are the comments?

This is really just market research — and market inundation, we could call it! — but with a bit of a negative slant. This is negative online marketing, after all! We just need to be honest with ourselves about our opponent, his methods, his objectives, his resources — and around that, construct our strategy!

Yes, of course we know: much easier said than done. That’s where we come in. We’ve been doing this a long time and we’re great at it.

Conclusion: it’s not hard to do; just time consuming. And a bit risky. But that makes it exciting!