Do you even need to ask?

Neg­a­tive mar­ket­ing is very, deeply ef­fec­tive.

Here’s the way to think about it:

Ques­tion: Who is will­ing to get their hands dirty with neg­a­tive mar­ket­ing?

An­swer: Not most peo­ple. Prob­a­bly not you.

Not be­cause it’s not ef­fec­tive. But be­cause you think you’re “above that” or “you don’t do that” or “you’re a good per­son.”

In oth­er words, you’re scared.

You want to be on the side of Luke, not the side of Darth.

But re­mem­ber: Darth had to come be­fore Luke. His fa­ther had to use the Dark Arts to achieve pow­er — be­fore he his son could then take the dark and might it light.

SO the ques­tion for you is: what are you scared of?

And re­mem­ber: we’re here to hold your hand, to help you, to make it easy… and even safe.

Plus, here’s a se­cret: every­one does it. Your com­peti­tors are ass­holes, and they’re busy de­stroy­ing you, while smil­ing at you when they see you. You might not even know who your com­peti­tor is–maybe you think he’s your friend, when he’s not!

So, you need to ask your­self: what are you wait­ing for be­fore do­ing some on­line neg­a­tive mar­ket­ing? What is hold­ing you back?

What­ev­er is hold­ing you back… is in your head. All of it.