Do you even need to ask?

Negative marketing is very, deeply effective.

Here’s the way to think about it:

Question: Who is willing to get their hands dirty with negative marketing?

Answer: Not most people. Probably not you.

Not because it’s not effective. But because you think you’re “above that” or “you don’t do that” or “you’re a good person.”

In other words, you’re scared.

You want to be on the side of Luke, not the side of Darth.

But remember: Darth had to come before Luke. His father had to use the Dark Arts to achieve power — before he his son could then take the dark and might it light.

SO the question for you is: what are you scared of?

And remember: we’re here to hold your hand, to help you, to make it easy… and even safe.

Plus, here’s a secret: everyone does it. Your competitors are assholes, and they’re busy destroying you, while smiling at you when they see you. You might not even know who your competitor is–maybe you think he’s your friend, when he’s not!

So, you need to ask yourself: what are you waiting for before doing some online negative marketing? What is holding you back?

Whatever is holding you back… is in your head. All of it.