We’re a group of copy­writ­ers, ad­ver­tis­ers, on­line mar­keters, pro­gram­mers, and gen­er­al riff-raff. You’ve like­ly seen our work (we’re ap­peared in some of the biggest pub­li­ca­tions in the USA), used our web­sites (we’ve got a few big ones), and prob­a­bly even tak­en our ad­vice on some of the we­b’s biggest restau­rant and trav­el re­view sites.

We used to be good boys and girls. We used to on­ly do on­line mar­ket­ing the tra­di­tion­al, whole­some way. This was up un­til a few years ago when a few of our clients got com­plete­ly screwed over. We were shocked when we wit­nessed false ac­cu­sa­tions be­ing made against them, dis­grun­tled ex-em­ploy­ees post­ed sen­si­tive in­for­ma­tion on­line, and their rep­u­ta­tion was ru­ined. They even­tu­al­ly had to close up shop. This opened our eyes to how dirty mar­ket­ing could be–and frankly, de­pressed us.

Once this hap­pened, we re­al­ized that we need­ed to even the play­ing field. We need­ed to take dras­tic mea­sures and make sure that noth­ing like this would ever hap­pen to our clients again. We need­ed to take things in­to our own hands. And–critically–our dras­tic mea­sures fol­low the tra­di­tion­al rules of moral­i­ty and ethics. We would lev­el the play­ing field by play­ing hard, but play­ing with hon­esty and in­tegri­ty.

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Who­ev­er wish­es to keep a se­cret must hide the fact that he pos­sess­es one.
— Jo­hann Wolf­gang von Goethe