We’re a group of copywriters, advertisers, online marketers, programmers, and general riff-raff. You’ve likely seen our work (we’re appeared in some of the biggest publications in the USA), used our websites (we’ve got a few big ones), and probably even taken our advice on some of the web’s biggest restaurant and travel review sites.

We used to be good boys and girls. We used to only do online marketing the traditional, wholesome way. This was up until a few years ago when a few of our clients got completely screwed over. We were shocked when we witnessed false accusations being made against them, disgruntled ex-employees posted sensitive information online, and their reputation was ruined. They eventually had to close up shop. This opened our eyes to how dirty marketing could be–and frankly, depressed us.

Once this happened, we realized that we needed to even the playing field. We needed to take drastic measures and make sure that nothing like this would ever happen to our clients again. We needed to take things into our own hands. And–critically–our drastic measures follow the traditional rules of morality and ethics. We would level the playing field by playing hard, but playing with honesty and integrity.

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Whoever wishes to keep a secret must hide the fact that he possesses one.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe