We’ve spent years using negative online marketing techniques against our client’s competitors. It’s sport for us.

But now, we’re in a new — and very very interesting — situation. A former client of ours, for whom we did very very hard work that (considering the short duration) was phenomenally successful, refuses to pay us for our work. Despite our obscenely reasonable price; despite the contract; despite all the evidence of how awesome of a job we did. The cause of ending the work relationship is, they got a new accountant, who said they can’t afford us–which is find and reasonable, so long as they pay us for past work!

(Lesson #1: when you look up this guy’s Yelp, almost all of the review are negative. At first, we saw this as evidence that we have a lot of work to do, a good challenge to overcome. But now I realize, he just rips everyone off! Therefore, judge carefully everyone’s Yelp reviews — and use it to help decide what professional clients to take on.)

SO now, we’re faced with a situation where we need to unleash our online negative marketing might against him, to get him to pay.

This is interesting because, we know we know all the inside dirt so this gives us an immediate advantage.

Not to mention, one of our marketers, who specializes in our social media online negative marketing techniques, has some time before our next project starts — so this is what he will focus on.

Lesson #2: we’re also initiating legal action. Yes, it’s that serious! But here’s the interesting thing: online negative marketing is MUCH more effective than legal action. Legal action takes years, it takes hiring expensive lawyers, maybe they’ll win on technicalities.

BUT… if we just flood the internet with horrible things about them — and literally, flood it, just getting out sooooo much about the shit they do, over and over and over, on hundreds of sites and links — then there is no possible way they can fight it. Case closed :)

Conclusion: we never cause problems with anyone… except if you cause a problem with us, first.