Interesting academic study. In short, it seems that people who write very negative reviews online often are the biggest fans of the product.

Dog bites man!

Who will take the time and energy and passion to write a review? Only people in one of two categories: lovers, or haters.

Writing a real, meaty review requires a strong emotional connection. Some of us (like we here at Negative Online Marketing) write a lot of negative reviews (based only on the truth)–and we love it.

We feel very strongly… in the negative direction.

But sometimes, sometimes–people who love you so much, they feel slighted by the smallest problems. They get all crazy, “hysterical” in the original Greek sense (uterus!).

Speaking of uteruses: it’s a bit like a girl, actually. They get all crazy and angry… but it means they care. IF they didn’t care, they wouldn’t invest all of the time in this!

The biggest way to show you don’t care, after all, is… indifference. The people who don’t care, won’t even take the time to write about you or think about you.

As my grandma says: there’s a thin line between “love” and “hate.”