TripAdvisor and Yelp make and break businesses. If you’re a traditional brick and morter, hotel, or tourist oriented business, having a high ranking on TA or Yelp is crucial.

What are some strategies for getting a high ranking on these sites? Our most common, basic, and honest answer to most clients is provide an excellent product or service and politely ask your customers to leave a positive review if they were satisfied with the experience. We only work with clients who sell high-quality products, so this advice is a no-brainer.

However, getting people, even people that like your service, to post a postive review is harder than it seems. People are busy, lazy, don’t care, and just plain move on with their lives after using your service or product. This means that we often have to implement (in conjunction) an alternate strategy.

I could explain it to you, but I think that you already get the point. :)