Tri­pAd­vi­sor and Yelp make and break busi­ness­es. If you’re a tra­di­tion­al brick and morter, ho­tel, or tourist ori­ent­ed busi­ness, hav­ing a high rank­ing on TA or Yelp is cru­cial.

What are some strate­gies for get­ting a high rank­ing on these sites? Our most com­mon, ba­sic, and hon­est an­swer to most clients is pro­vide an ex­cel­lent prod­uct or ser­vice and po­lite­ly ask your cus­tomers to leave a pos­i­tive re­view if they were sat­is­fied with the ex­pe­ri­ence. We on­ly work with clients who sell high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts, so this ad­vice is a no-brain­er.

How­ev­er, get­ting peo­ple, even peo­ple that like your ser­vice, to post a pos­tive re­view is hard­er than it seems. Peo­ple are busy, lazy, don’t care, and just plain move on with their lives af­ter us­ing your ser­vice or prod­uct. This means that we of­ten have to im­ple­ment (in con­junc­tion) an al­ter­nate strat­e­gy.

I could ex­plain it to you, but I think that you al­ready get the point. :)