There are lots of dif­fer­ent ways to do neg­a­tive on­line mar­ket­ing and neg­a­tive SEO. But what are the best ways to do so?

The first gen­er­al point is to treat it like nor­mal SEO. Just track the key­words you’re tar­get­ing, track the land­ing pages you want to go go — do every­thing like you’re do­ing it di­rect­ly for a client. It’s just that, your client does­n’t know. And if he did, he would hate what you write about him.

The sec­ond gen­er­al point is, be an­a­lyt­ic about it. Don’t just find some­thing bad (but true!) to say. Treat it like a num­ber you want to op­ti­mize for. Ob­sess over it. Fol­low it every day.

The third point is, be cre­ative about it. Where can you post (things that are bad, but al­ways true)? Where would he nev­er ex­pect it? Post, post, and post away!

Fourth: Be ob­ses­sive about it. Did I say that? I can’t em­pha­size that enough.

That’s enough to get start­ed. Of course, there are lots of ad­vanced things you can do to help the neg­a­tive on­line mar­ket­ing. But those are for an­oth­er day.

The hard­est part? Get­ting start­ed. Deal­ing with your own psy­chol­o­gy, of be­ing neg­a­tive.

Hon­est­ly, it’s hard. We want to be pos­i­tive, fun, hap­py, smi­ley. But to do neg­a­tive mar­ket­ing (not to men­tion, neg­a­tive SEO) very well, you need to get dark. Very dark. Do you want to go there? Are you sure?

If you do, then en­joy it. Rev­el it in. We laugh at the things we do, we re­al­ly love it.

But don’t stop. To crush your en­e­my, you need to crush them com­plete­ly. Com­plete­ly.