In order to make an argument with intellectual honesty, we need to be able to make the opposite argument as well: why shouldn’t we use online marketing techniques?

I mean, negative online marketing is soooo effective — we should want to use it! It helps us achieve our goals!

The first reason to not to use it is, the moral hesitations. We don’t want to be bad people.

My response to that is: then follow our strategy, and only use the truth. You don’t need to lie or invent things; you just need to bring a microphone to the bad that’s already there.

As long as we maintain our integrity and honesty, there is no moral issue!

The other reason to not do it is, to consider the effectiveness of it. If it doesn’t work — then don’t do it.

SO when does it work, and when does it not work?

In short, negative online marketing works very well when you have a specific target. When there is an enemy you’re trying to take down! Then it is fantastic. But when it’s not focused, it will likely fail.

So the key here is, focus focus focus.