Not all Keywords are created equal; some are harder to rank for than others.

Here’s one method we use that we’ve found very effective: start with the easiest keywords of your opponent’s to rank for, then work your way up.

A bazillion people are trying to rank first for “viagra.” So don’t even go there on day #1.

What are the keywords that both have enough traffic and that you can get to the top for? Start there, and work your way down.

But even if those keywords do NOT get much traffic — you might want to start there anyway!

Think a bit Machiavellian. What will his customers be searching for? His potential customers?

Maybe reviews. Maybe testimonials. Maybe more information.

Or maybe particular clients in particular, like well-known clients.

Or maybe a particular use of their product or service. In which case (or type of client) is their product the very weakest?

Remember the old saying: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What is its weakest link?

Have you ever heard another old business saying that, every single company is a disaster on the inside? Well, it’s true. Every company is. What is the source of your opponent’s disasters? His employees? His clients? Does he treat people badly? Maybe he treats people too good, so they get lazy and don’t to the hard work needed?

The way to approach this is, pretend you’re an investigative journalist. What would the Washington Post exposé be about? Every company has something dirty under the carpet. Who is their deep throat?

Extra bonus, double-pro tip: don’t forget to hide your IP address and all other evidence of what you do and where you go :) It’s much, much easier to find than you think.

Let the destruction of Anthony Wiener’s campaign — and possibly even DSK’s campaign for President of France — be a lesson to all: you just need one person who knows one bad thing you’ve done, and one person to incite them to go to the right people in the media…. and they’re toast.