A lot of clients, po­ten­tial clients, naysay­ers, haters, lovers, and every­one else in the world com­mon­ly asks us, “But, do you RE­AL­LY think that what you’re do­ing is eth­i­cal? Why can’t you just do POS­I­TIVE on­line mar­ket­ing *so every­one just gets along*?”

I’ll tell you what: we would LOVE to just do pos­i­tive on­line mar­ket­ing! How­ev­er, the world is a cru­el, hard, cold place. Your com­peti­tors are AL­READY do­ing neg­a­tive on­line mar­ket­ing, tar­nish­ing your brand, post­ing false re­views on so­cial me­dia sites, and talk­ing smack, spread­ing lies, slan­der, and fake gos­sip about you and your prod­ucts. The on­ly dif­fer­ence be­tween what they do and what we do is that we don’t de­lude our­selves or our clients. We don’t tell them that we’re go­ing to run a tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing cam­paign, and then go be­hind their backs and write slan­der­ous blog posts on 3rd par­ty web­sites while hav­ing our team in In­dia spam Yelp with fake neg­a­tive re­views.

The main dif­fer­ence be­tween what they do and what we do is that we don’t lie in our neg­a­tive SEO, Yelp, and Tri­pAd­vi­sor re­views. We don’t write a slan­der­ous re­views on a com­peti­tor ho­tel, say­ing that their sheets have bed bugs, the concierge tried to mo­lest our wives, and that we found ticks in the ho­tel omelette (un­less this is all true, of course!)

We find the flaws in their busi­ness. The RE­AL, TRUE flaws. We find out the RE­AL, TRUE gos­sip and ex­pose them for what they are! We don’t want to do busi­ness with sleaze bags, and nei­ther do you or your cus­tomers.

Two of our per­son­al rules that we live and do busi­ness by are:

#1: Al­ways tell the truth. If it’s made up, don’t post it.
#2: We on­ly take on high-qual­i­ty clients, who de­vel­op the best prod­ucts and give the high­est qual­i­ty cus­tomer ser­vice. We will nev­er take on a client that wants us to lie for them and make it seem like their prod­uct is bet­ter than it re­al­ly is.

If we (and you!) fol­low these two rules…then yes, neg­a­tive on­line mar­ket­ing is eth­i­cal. If you don’t…prepare to feel our wrath.